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Figuration Of Hope: Impact Event Part One

by Strange Land

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(narration) Sometimes I go to the observation dome when no one else is around. It’s been decades, but I can still see the star that was home. I think of Earth, ponder the path that got us where we are today.
Will 05:18
An Asteroid, planet killer To many remain ignorant Leave their heads in the sand (ch) We have a way We have the technology Against all odds It's a risk we're taking There is a way Too many lack the will We have a chance, there is still time What is coming, we can act To stop the threat, to us all (ch) (br) Leaders pandered, failed us all Let themselves be mislead (ch)
(Fool) Do you stand with the meek Defend the weak Or are you guilty of the good You did not do   Somewhere out there home is waiting Through the nebula haze Across the galactic span To the stars we turn our gaze Do you weigh the facts through Find the balance of true Or do you run with fools and knaves Irreconcilable To the stars we turn our gaze Save what we can Time is now, we must go Save what is worthy of man Do you not understand The task at hand Are you just waiting for the end Resigned to fate?    (Idle) Idle hands are what I see I will lead you away from temptation Idle hands need new plans I will fill your head with blind assumption I don’t believe the warnings Mere mortals cannot know When the time of change comes All the signs will show (Hypotheticals) People want to feel safe and secure There’s no time for this Things are better off When we make the fear There are more important matters to discuss We don’t deal in hypotheticals It’s almost time for the next election cycle I’ve got to look my best People want to feel safe and secure There’s no time for this Things are better off When we make the fear Nobody wants to interrupt the numbing noise On television tonight Let us just wait and see what’s next I don’t need to worry (Fool Reprise) Follow the fool, follow the fool Who follows you?
By Any Means 01:26
(narration) Sometimes it seems weird hiding from Earth. Hiding the most important this we’ve ever done. But there are some who think nothing should be done, this end is our destiny, and they would try to stop us.
Plan B 01:22
(narration) I should have known. Even in a crisis the greedy and small stand in the way, only looking for personal gain. This makes things harder, but not impossible. We have a backup plan.
Awake 05:17
We waited, we talked Tried to be diplomatic Followed the proper channels Votes were taken again   Now that we see You would never agree All we can do Is implement plan B (chorus) I am awake I see the lies No more time No compromise I am awake Eyes to the sky No more Earth It’s time to fly We suspected That you would drag your feet We prepared Another way out for some   Only a few No chance for everyone We hope it’s enough To find a new home (chorus)
Parallels 05:38
Somewhere out there is a parallel universe Where time and space allowed us to collide Not here, not now, maybe never You and I seem to walk a parallel path So close but we’ll never intersect Not here, not now, maybe never I live in this world The only one I know Bittersweet memories Of what will not be Now is not the time nor is it the place For us who stayed behind by choice or need We can only wish you well Sending mankind’s hope to the arms of the stars Never to know if the gamble pays off Remember us if you can I live in this world The only one I know Bittersweet memories Of what will not be I live in this life The only one I'll have Bittersweet memories Of what cannot be
Impact Event 05:33
(narration) We were already as far as Mars when it happened. Most didn’t want to see it, but we recorded it anyway. 25 kilometers across. Massive. Even if any life survives at all, there won’t be anything to live for. 
(narration) One last chance to talk. One last goodbye. Moments like these will burn in my heart forever. Bittersweet pain to fuel my journey.  “I wish you would come with me” “I wish you would stay, even for just the time left. I can’t leave my parents, the rest of my family. Please understand.” “I hope you understand why I have to go. Earth was eventually going to end one way or another. If we don't go to the stars, then all of it, Einstein, the Dali Llama, Van Gogh, The Beatles, literature, art, discovery, everything that makes us human, will have been for nothing. That's why this matters more than you and me." 
Terminal 09:07
These are the last words you’ll hear The last time you will look in my eyes Staring at this terminal, goodbye We chose our paths without fear Knowing there was no room for any lies Understanding this is terminal, goodbye I have my obligations to those central to me all my life Even though this line is terminal, goodbye At least we have one more moment Watching Earth come to the end of the line Staring at this terminal, goodbye One last glance To burn in my mind The pain I will carry For all my life One last glance To hold in my mind The pain I will burn For my journey
Ad Astra 01:58
(narration) We have no idea what’s out there for us, where we’re going. Maybe other life. Maybe nothing. Maybe we will spend the rest of humanity’s time in the universe on the generation ships, searching. But just maybe we’ll find a home where we can again feel the breeze, touch the ground, and gaze up at the stars.
Dare 03:27
Let us go, you and I With the stars spread in the sky Do we dare disturb the universe? If it's not meant to be It was still worthwhile To the stars On a tower of fire To the stars On the impulse of dreams Let us go, you and I Where nebula rub shoulders with the dark Like yellow fog against the windows If you think you're free Don't watch hours flee To the stars On a tower of fire To the stars On the impulse of dreams


Part one of a story. Can we avoid the fate of all past life on Earth? Will we use our opportunity to go to the stars?


released July 10, 2017

Strangers on this voyage:
Sean Gill - guitars, bass, vocals, synths, programming
Brittney Schultz - vocals
All songs written by Sean Gill
Vocal melodies by Sean Gill and Brittney Schultz
© Nemo Gravis Publishing
Mixed and mastered by Sean
Mastered for dynamics, turn it up! (turnmeup.org)
Photography by Jaxson Pohlman (jaxsonpohlmanphotography.com)
Layout by Sean
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