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Galactic Drift: Impact Event Part Two

by Strange Land

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Cosmic Ocean 04:53
What was home, Earth as we knew it Gone in the blink of an eye Still there is a chance for us To find meaning and stay alive We departed these shores, into the cosmic ocean Set our aim to the infinite horizon Like explorers of days long past The unknown awaits these ships in the night Two ships, carrying thousands And still many left behind No longer trapped on a single world The risk is high but so is the prize A galactic species now we are Seeking a new world for us Solid ground and fresh air our wish But maybe this ship will be all we have
Good morning, sunshine Why do we use that saying? I don’t wake with the sun I never knew that life Don’t chase the answers I have been dreaming of new horizons New We all color within the lines We live life that has been defined Keep to the schedule Why follow time at all now? Don’t chase the answers I have been dreaming of new horizons New Crowded, isolated home 50,000 and yet alone I hear Doubt I hear Restlessness runs loose I fear Death I fear Hopelessness wins out New life confined New dream designed I’ll hold on to what burns inside Can you feel the shifting tide
We have doubts this was the right way And now we will have our say It’s time for a change Hollow inhabitance Burrow and wait Trapped inside this tin can We want another way out Split off from the rest of you fools What do we have to lose Take another breath Try to recollect We all chose this path Out of universal wrath Once debating Then escaping Now we’re waiting, waiting, waiting! Somewhere beyond here Past the light of the next star   Is home I still believe I must Living forever floating in this cosmic void It’s not there It’s not there It’s not there All is lost We were wrong We were wrong It’s… Not … What… We… Meant Don’t listen Be strong I still believe I must We must disagree, this plan is going nowhere There are many on our side, more than you know Spiraling, the life inside me pulses dedicated eulogies for those we’ve lost Time will soon mean nothing more than ticks and clocks synced with solar cycles that have now outgrown us It’s up to you, we’ve taken our vote Accept new leaders or split the ship apart We will place you in stasis And cast you adrift til the end of time Somewhere, can’t you see we’re almost there You’re giving up too soon I still believe, can you They will freeze You will freeze Laughter, ha ha! It’s all you want when there’s nothing amusing Discover, ah ha! When infinity is not of your choosing (anymore) A stable ground, with light shown down Is that too much to request? I always persevere But how long is too long? Can you taste the growing fear But are we this strong? It’s suddenly dark Someone’s pulling me, I can’t see anything The air smells wrong now I… What was I saying? Walls are closing in I’m dreaming I’ve been here before He reaches to me As he’s screaming It’s not safe anymore We want a way out and we have to get out We aren’t meant to live like this Hollow Hollow inhabitance Burrow and wait Staring into darkness day after day The center cannot hold and things fall apart Severed, and here we lie An endless dream with no goodbye This mutiny, best of luck we hope you can survive
Cinder 04:33
We have travelled across the stars Circle back to where it all began What awaits at the cradle Of the start of mankind Spiral in to our former world There is really nothing left No more wandering It’s all over Destruction flew from the stars There is nothing left We chose the wrong path Left with ashes in our grasp Goodbye eternity Hello Earth that was Hello Hellscape Goodbye to all hope
Sirens claim our final name Without answer This slumber leaves us wandering Will you answer? Breathe renewed Inside we’re waiting and escaping Now is not our truth to say Delay In stasis we must reclaim our last hope Half now divided and estranged We’re the last hope Breathe renewed Inside we’re waiting and escaping We’ve denied our truth today Delay I’m waking, how long did we sleep? We’re not moving! (spoken)Is that? No way! Where are we? (gasp) It’s time to get to work, repair all the systems Scan surrounding space, where the hell are we? Lost in the void and left unmoored With a little bit of luck and still some hope Searching this nebula, discover it’s secrets Still on a mission to find a new home Left Earth behind so long ago With a little bit of luck and still some hope Dauntless we don’t look back Resolute we move on We trained for this, scan the skies We are ready for this, fire the engines All I ask is a tall ship, and among all these stars It’s there we find, we find… home
We Are Here 08:17
What my eyes can see I have read in books But never knew until this moment The air inside me brings light I’ve never felt before When air is sterilized your entire life But grant me your ease as I fall to my knees I know that we can’t be here And yet, we are Look!  Look at the waves pulling the sea With all the movies I’ve seen, you’d think it’d mean nothing But the music that sounds all around me has me doubting reality At last we are We’re here as a last wish We’re here on a lone dream And I want to live Let us go, you and I Into the first day of our lives Do we dare rebuild our universe? To the stars  We set out for forever In the stars We uncovered our dreams Let us stay this time Upon these shores we hold this life Humans riding the galactic drift To the stars  We set out for forever In the stars We uncovered our dreams For those left behind We must honor our promise In the stars We are here Perhaps this time We’ll look at each other and see ourselves This time We’ll look at this planet and see ourselves too In the stars In our dreams We are home, we are home


The conclusion to the story that began on Figuration Of Hope. Galactic wanderers search for home in the vastness of space.


released August 23, 2018

Strangers on this alien planet:
Sean Gill - guitars, bass, vocals, synths, programming
Brittney Schultz - vocals
Lyrics and melodies by Brittney Schultz and Sean Gill
Music by Sean Gill
© Nemo Gravis Publishing
Mixed and mastered by Sean
Mastered for dynamics, turn it up! (turnmeup.org)
Images by Artur Rosa (deviantart.com/arthurblue)
Layout by Sean
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Strange Land Oregon

Strange Land has morphed through many forms since it's inception in 1999. Currently a studio project, this incarnation of Strange Land is about to begin releasing new music. These song reflect both a stripped down, raw approach, and a renewed joy in living in the sandbox of the studio environment. ... more

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